True Flip

You must agree that it’s hard enough to find a person who never played the lottery, and who never heard about bitcoin or blockchain. Simple game and a huge bank attract people to buy a ticket, hoping to get the scoop. But the private ownership and the state control of the lottery running raise doubts about the fair gameplay, and that’s why most players have lots of prejudices about the lottery. You can find out more from the detailed review and feel free to benefit from our True Flip’s guide in order to be versed in the matter. As soon as you’ve read our opinion piece, grasp your wallet and guess the numbers. The combination of numbers can be your lucky winning code in the on-the-spot game with quick withdrawals.


Being the blockchain-based project, True Flip is the same as a traditional lottery; however, the mechanism differs significantly bringing more transparency and decentralization, while the implementation of the open source software dissipates the distrust of online lottery in general.

Nowadays developers are striving to create the new-gen lottery, because there are many factors in gambling industry that discourage players to participate. In other words, the purpose of such projects is to present a fair and friendly venue for users, concentrating all levers of power in their hands. Such platforms are launched by dint of crowdfunding to assure decentralization and offer the biggest jackpot ever seen before.


The backbone of True Flip is four games where all raffles are carried out; meet the Flip’s Star, Rapid to the Moon, Chain’s Code, and Pirate Bay. You can find a complete write-up of every game on the site, but we prepared a handy guidebook of games so that you could know the ropes in a game. Flip’s Star is a classic lottery; under the rules you have to guess 5 random numbers from 1 to 49 and 1 number from 1 to 26 in your ticket. You can buy coupons to enhance your chances to hit the bank; by the way, the current jackpot amount is 401 BTC. Another big game is a Rapid to the Moon, the game algorithm is similar to the Flip’s Star: the more numbers you guess, the bigger prize you can win. Raffles are held every 10 to 30 minutes. As well as the previous games Chain’s Code is based on the numerical combinations, but has a unique generator of numbers for the better combination. This random number generator (RNG) resembles the slot game. The Pirate Bay is a game based on the stroke of luck; it has tree boxes with tree outcomes of the game. If you pointed on a gold coin – you win; the black mark means you lose, and if the anchor figure dropped out – the game ends but your prime bet remains in force.


The inherent lottery issues and lowlights which we stated above are solved by applying the latest technologies and steady going blockchain records. Indeed, the blockchain framework of online lottery gives many advantages for the users. Let’s consider the major ones:

  • No participation red lines, which means that any person from any country can play lottery staying anonymous.
  • Lottery requires only the valid wallet and, of course, the Internet access
  • Each raffle execution is secured by the open source excluding the possibility of manipulation at the hands of True flip’s stuff
  • Pay-outs and prize rewarding has no third-party interference and are justly delivered to their owners

Privacy & Policy, Scam

Sign in or account creation has only a couple of simple clicks. You need to leave your e-mail address and password, assert that you are of-age. Remember that any other additional verification procedures are not requested, as players can stay nameless. The next thing you should do is to buy a lottery ticket to act as a lottery player. The sign-up, online lottery ticket and a little luck are all you need to win a fortune. Moreover, players are welcome to the check the fairness of current draw results and make sure that the lottery is truly white-handed. Strictly by the rulebook, the winner is defined by means of hash code random choice, which is impossible to falsify, proving to be entirely fair.

Deposit & withdrawal

So, are you ready to deposit your True Flip account? Then you should own an available wallet and have enough funds, needed to bet or invest in coupons. User’s account can be deposited for free in bitcoin, dash, ethereum, and litecoin cryptocurrency. Other payments can be done using fiat money via a bank card or payment systems, including, PayPal, Western Union, Payeer, Webmoney, Yandex, and so on. Mind that non-crypto coin transactions can have a commission, so check the fee rates of the service you are going to use before you pay.

When it comes to the withdrawals players need to know how can they get their reward and what is the commission rate (speaking of which, the commission rate is quite adequate – 4%). Right after the draw, the True Flip gambling site will announce winners and without prevarication or delays distribute the bank between all participants. If the game was successful and a player had a lucky combination, the winning will be transacted to the user’s active wallet in cryptocurrency which is a plus point in itself. Now know that digital cash is at your disposal and you can withdraw it anytime anywhere.

Bottom line

Taking into account the high tempos of cryptocurrency trading popularization, there are a lot of blockchain-based projects, created to make gambling area fairer. And finally, there is a mechanism that can protect gamblers from cheating and shady casino business, providing the platform where anyone can check the raffle results and be free from any kind of manipulations. These changes can be very fruitful for the industry and call even more inventions, and beyond doubt give an impetus to the development. Getting back on games, if you like playing with numbers and divine the odds, then this platform might fit you with its game selection. Simplicity and lightness, together with transparency and open access to any game results leaves really good impressions and awaken the desire to enjoy the game.

  • Safe & security
  • All mobile device
  • Convenient Banking