Ethereum Sweepstakes review

The fresh-looking branding, shiny layout, and unsophisticated presentation make Ethereum Sweepstakes site a welcoming place for lottery players. As the world’s first lottery sweepstakes based on the blockchain, it has kickstarted a new era of the game.

Some may misleadingly call the platform Ethereum Sweepstakes casino. However, it’s not that sort of a gambling site where you try your fortune in slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, and other well-known crypto games. Unlike top BC casinos from 2018 list, the site has got its high casino ranking for providing an opportunity of making a profit and winning lots of prizes.

So, what is it?

Ethereum is the worlds’ second popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. If bitcoin is ‘digital gold’, Ethereum can be considered ‘digital oil’ by analogy. If the first one represents the form of virtual coins, Ethereum implements ‘smart contracts’ that are used in many different apps. As a smart contract, it is 100% fair and transparent and can be easily verified by anyone on the blockchain.

Ethereum Sweepstakes site is one of these smart contracts that operate on the ethereum technology. It uses SWEEP & ESPS tokens which allow the token holder to access the Ethereum Sweepstakes. To take part, you send tokens to the Ethereum Sweepstakes, and in return receive a SWEEP token. In lay terms, SWEEP token serves as a lottery ticket.

Everyone with a SWEEP ticket gets a chance to win a huge Jackpot. When the last remained ticket is sold, the Ethereum Sweepstakes randomly picks a winner and then the smart contract automatically sends the funds to the wallet. Once the Jackpot owner is determined, the following winners with decreased sums are randomly chosen.

The offered games

As given in this Ethereum Sweepstakes review, the platform operating on the blockchain, though it hardly can be referred to a full-fledged blockchain casino because the scope of crypto games here isn’t immense. However, Ethereum Sweepstakes site claims to offer the best odds, largest jackpot, and huge prizes.

The key game to play here is a lottery that guarantees good chances of winning. To participate you buy SWEEP ticket or token. 1 SWEEP equals 1 ETH. A player sends 1.0 to 10 Ether to the given smart contact and then waits for the draw. Only 4 million SWEEP tickets are provided. Thus, the Jackpot prize may rise up to 1.5 million ETH or its equivalent of $1.2 billion.

If to compare with other lotteries in BC casinos or any well-established crypto casino, the Ethereum Sweepstakes announces only one winner and the prize in BTC, or its equivalent in fiat money, which is automatically sent to the winners’ account.


Ethereum Sweepstakes is a navigable and user-friendly platform that is an available web browser or mobile. It can easily be accessed via mobile devices, whether you use Android or iOS. Though there are no specific apps for this blockchain casino, it appears to be hassle-free when using its mobile version for betting.

Being accustomed to BC casinos, you might find the site a bit confusing at first due to its specific nature with tokens and tickets. However, no matter what issues you find, Ethereum Sweepstakes customer support can handle it. Their admin team can be contacted via the form on the Ethereum Sweepstakes site or via live chat that’s on the bottom of the screen.

It’s fair to say that the online casino players who are not familiar with smart contracts and sweepstakes might have troubles and feel a bit insecure while trying to figure out how the platform works and why it is in the 2018 crypto casino list. We think it’s just the matter of experience and time needed to find your way around so-called Ethereum Sweepstakes casino. The only thing to keep in mind is that it’s not a slot site or a typical gambling site, so don’t expect it to impress you too much at a glance.


Other than the lottery prizes and Jackpot offered on the home page of Ethereum Sweepstakes, you won’t find any extra bonuses or perks. Basically, there’s no such thing as the Ethereum Sweepstakes bonus. All in all, it’s a sweepstakes lottery and not a crypto casino with sportsbook to bet on or games to play. What really amazes here is the jackpot size, which is huge! You are unlikely to find such amount in any other blockchain casino.

Additionally, on the Ethereum Sweepstakes site, you can join the affiliate program. But it mostly used as an option because players usually focus on SWEEP tickets and winnings more than on any other promotion.

Privacy Policy

The fact is that Ethereum Sweepstakes is a provably fair platform based on the smart contract technology that guarantees 100% transparency. To learn more about how they treat your personal information and what exactly they collect from players, you can check the Terms and Policy sections.

In order to prevent the Ethereum Sweepstakes scam, their team implements various measures to protect users. Hence, upon registration, you may be asked to provide your details. However, they allow the anonymous participation without the Ethereum Sweepstakes sign up. Such visitors usually are not allowed to some portal-related activities. All in all, the personal data may be required for the payment procedures.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Obviously, in the case with Ethereum Sweepstakes site, there are no deposits as such. Basically, you invest funds in a SWEEP ticket to participate. Here’s how to do that:

  • Get a secure digital wallet to hold Ether
  • Purchase Ethereum from the trustworthy crypto exchange
  • Transfer purchased Ether into your secure digital wallet
  • Transfer your Ethereum from secure digital wallet to the given Ethereum Sweepstakes address

Once you win, you will automatically receive the amount on your secure digital wallet.

The Bottom Line

Ethereum Sweepstakes has a top rank in the casino list due to its appealing presentation and specific concept of a lottery game. It works without a hitch and ensures rather smooth experience. There are good chances of winning a prize. Plus, the jackpot sum is very attractive. Based on the provably fair technology, it surely appeals to us. So, if you are looking for a different kind of gameplay, Ethereum Sweepstakes can entice your interest.

  • Safe & security
  • All mobile device
  • Convenient Banking