The site won’t ask you to pay for the sign-up, make a deposit, or provide any personal information to win a fortune of bitcoins. Nor are they likely to be called a gambling site since you won’t find any well-established crypto games. Not a slot site either. Still, it’s on the list of BC casinos. So, why would anyone consider it for gambling? Let’s figure it out in this BitcoinLottery review.


Bitcoin Lottery is a free online lottery with a bitcoin Jackpot that anyone can win without actually placing a bet. They’ve already awarded up to 0.5 BTC and the highest Jackpot offered here was 0.0935 BTC. Considering that the place is not a fully-fledged crypto casino, the amount is attractive. Of course, any other blockchain casino will offer you more privileges but Bitcoin Lottery club surely didn’t get its casino rating for the offered awards. The platform drives interest thanks to its advertising- and donation-like purpose.

With this in mind, users are not required to invest funds once they go through steps of the BitcoinLottery sign up. Basically, this gambling site doesn’t take cash or bitcoins from players even for tickets because there are none. The BitcoinLottery site is absolutely free.

One game only

As been said, don’t expect to see slots, roulette, poker, dice, sportsbook, bingo or other best crypto games here. What you’ll find in this would-be crypto casino is a lottery that brings bitcoins. You are unlikely to experience the fun and excitement in BitcoinLottery casino. Likewise, the lottery game won’t be instant and requires time to wait for the result.

In order to play the lottery, you will need just an account, which you register using your bitcoin wallet address. That’s it! The process takes less than a minute. Once you’ve done it, you are in the game and can see if you’re lucky enough to win some bitcoins. Thus, you won’t be required to fill in forms, choose numbers, or count anything. To find out if you win, you need to visit the site from time to time and see if your address is on the winners’ list. However, if you do not rank there, you’ll have to enter your email once again.

When creating this review, we also noted one important point. You should claim the reward within 24 hours or otherwise, there’s no chance of getting Jackpot. Make sure you don’t miss your fortune or you will have to wait for the next draw to play. Winners who claimed the prize on time will receive the funds automatically on their bitcoin address.

The main feature

The BitcoinLottery site makes its revenue on advertising and operates due to clicks and traffic. This is how they provide free participation, and basically, this is the reason why the prize isn’t that big.

Just like the most BC casinos, this blockchain casino site can be accessed via mobile devices (Android or iOS), which greatly simplifies the results monitoring. Other than that, there’s hardly anything extraordinary in what the site might offer.

Keeping this above the fold, we should say that the BitcoinLottery site is as plain as any crypto casino could be. You get as much as you could possibly get for free. So, it works fine if you wish simply to test your luck.

No bonus

If you’ve read this far, you obviously got the idea that unlike top 2018 BC casinos, BitcoinLottery site won’t grant you generous bonuses. It is crystal clear that using such free service, you can’t expect to have an impressive promotion. Neither there is a BitcoinLottery bonus or VIP club.

Privacy and scam

Providing bitcoin casino services, every blockchain-based platform allows the anonymous gameplay, meaning that players can stay anonymous at all times. The same way, BitcoinLottery does not interfere with your personal data. You take part in the lottery just using your bitcoin address and nothing more.

We can’t say exactly whether you’ll face the BitcoinLottery scam. At the time of writing this BitcoinLottery review, we didn’t notice any suspicious activity. No matter what, you can always contact their customer support via the contact form or email and check the issue that bothers you.

Automatic withdrawals

Once again, it’s not the place where you can use various cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bytecoin or Ethereum. So, you might want to keep those for another crypto casino. To play the offered lottery, you don’t have to make a deposit or risk your money. If you are a lucky player, you should claim the Jackpot by pressing the ‘Claim Prize’ button. All winnings are transferred automatically to the winning bitcoin address, which you’ve used for registration.


Bitcoin Lottery doesn’t serve as a decent gambling alternative, which you can consider for your online casino experience. Their casino rating isn’t high. However, dozens of players still visit the site to give it a go because they don’t need to invest anything to play. What’s more, Bitcoin Lottery site is not really grandiose but it provides an opportunity to try your luck and win bitcoins. All you invest here is your time when checking the results.

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